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officer training on simulator

      More than a simulator!

            More than a technology company!

                 Ti Training is a Full Force Training solution!

At Ti Training we produce industry leading hardware and software solutions for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Professionals. Our award winning systems are used in departments around the world for instruction and skills application in classroom and training room situations. But that's not all! Our staff Media Producers create visually stunning training content specifically for use with our systems. Our strategic partnerships ensure you will have all the accessories necessary for a Full-Force solution.

We are dedicated to providing a POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE training experience!

trainee shooting on simulator We believe training saves lives:

Preparation is the key to survival. Here at Ti Training, we specialize in training that will prepare you for moments when your life is on the line and split-second decisions matter. Like an Olympic Athlete training for months to compete for only a few moments, practice and repetition pays off in the heat of battle. Unlike the Olympic Athlete, Law Enforcement training prepares personnel for life or death situations, so the reward for winning is coming home safe at the end of the day.

talking to customer at law enforcement convention We are experts in the field:

Ti Training knows Law Enforcement because our staff has been directly involved in Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement Training. With over 100 years combined experience, Ti's owners and employees understand the needs of Law Enforcement and Public Safety Community. From tactical experience to weapons use to safety measures, to situational training, our people posses real world experience and highly specialized knowledge. Infusing our high degree of experience with our superior training solutions is what sets us apart.

police department challenge coins We are committed to our customers:

Ti Training sells interactive simulation systems, but that is not our business. Our business is serving our customers with a personal approach. Our business is ensuring you have highly effective tools to train your personnel and helping you understand the use of the tools. Our business is being there when something is not working as it should. Our business is forging a partnership with you to develop better training solutions. When we say your satisfaction is our business, what we're really saying is: "We got you covered."

police officer at the ready with words tactics simulation taser simulation and justification We know the learning experience matters:

Our interactive simulations are developed with an eye toward learning objectives and a high degree of realism. We go the extra mile to create highly-effective educational scenarios which challenge the trainee's decision making ability and help develop life-saving skills. Visually, our scenarios incorporate realistic gunfire, explosions and bodily injury. All of the extra attention to detail serves one goal - Prepare law enforcement personnel to be highly effective in life and death situations.


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