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During the 3 Day course, Academy attendees will be trained in two main areas:


Ti Academy attendees are trained in the set-up, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of the Training Lab™ and Training Room™ interactive simulation systems. Our simulation systems utilize the latest advances video, laser, and programming technology to provide an intuitive, easy to maintain training tools.

Officers who complete Ti Academy's Course will be proficient in
all the technical aspects of our critically acclaimed simulator technology.

training simulator system computer
trainee shooting from behind cover


The second half of Ti Academy's Master Instructor Certification Course teaches the practices and methodologies for providing highly effective training in a simulated environment. Developed in conjunction with an accredited college and backed by scientific research, this part of the course covers the following areas:

     - Benefits of Simulation Based Training

     - Best Training Area Techniques and Set Up

     - Identifying Training Objectives

     - Training Lesson Planning

     - Effective Scenario Implementation

     - Integrating Weapons & Tactics

     - Developing Fundamental Marksmanship Skills

     - Effective Debriefing Practices

     - Proper Documentation of the Training


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