Upgrade your simulation experience with Augmented Reality options.

Our Immersive Reality headsets create a 3D training environment. Used in conjunction with our RECON simulation system the trainee is immersed in a world with augmented elements and judgement scenarios.

Augmented Reality Training

Experience the future of immersive training with Ti Training’s combination of RECON Simulation and AR Glasses.

Our AR glasses provide an unparalleled advantage in law enforcement and security training. With the ability to overlay virtual scenarios onto the real world, your officers can experience realistic simulations in real-time, enhancing situational awareness and decision-making abilities. Our glasses offer an unobstructed view of the training room with powerful digital effects, allowing trainees to interact with realistic props like patrol cars, walls, and even fire and smoke. The trainee can move freely and see all of the space around them, to include their own hands and gun, partner, cover, scenario on the projected screen and augmented elements from the glasses.

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From Simulation to Reality: Prepare Your Team for Anything With AR Glasses

Greater Realism:

With the addition of real-world objects and digital effects, your team will feel like they’re in the thick of the action.

Streamlined Efficiency:

Our glasses are self-contained, requiring no wires, theaters, or backpacks. Each pair includes two rechargeable battery packs, each offering a total of 6 hours of battery life per charge. This ensures that your team can train with realistic movement without interruptions.

Multi-User Capability:

Multiple trainees can wear glasses at the same time, allowing them to interact with the same scenario and objects.

Realistic and Effective Training

Transform Your Law Enforcement Training with the Power of AR Training

Total Immersion:

Our augmented reality technology combines digital effects with true-to-life simulations creating a dynamic environment for training that’s unparalleled in the industry.

Enhanced Situational Awareness:

AR glasses enable trainees to have a wider field of view, and to overlay important information and cues onto their surroundings, improving their ability to make quick and informed decisions in high-pressure situations.

Improved Skills:

With real-time feedback from trainers and the ability to interact with realistic objects, your team will develop the skills they need to handle real-world scenarios.

How it works

Immersive Training in 3 Steps:

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We’ll provide you with a quote with the details on the cost of hardware, software, and any custom content development required.
3. Train Smarter

You’ll be able to learn and practice in a safe, realistic environment that prepares you for any situation.

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