RECON™ 180: The Game-Changer Your Training Needs

Jan 9, 2024 | 0 comments


In the high-stakes world of law enforcement, every day brings a new challenge. Our brave officers face this head-on, often walking into situations that require the utmost care and skills. This is why realistic, immersive law enforcement training is vital, whether you’re working with recruits or veterans. That’s where RECON™ comes in!

This revolutionary training program is designed to bring improved realism to military and law enforcement professionals. This blog post will delve deep into the features that make RECON™ 180 stand out when enhancing use-of-force skills. That way, you can explore all its benefits and implement them into your team’s curriculum. Let’s take a look!

Embracing the Future with Advanced Simulation Technology

RECON™ 180 stands out due to its cutting-edge simulation technology. This system breathes life into every training scenario, replicating the stress and dynamics of real-world situations. It’s all about immersing participants in lifelike conditions, giving them the experience they need to excel in their roles.

The system thrives on its adaptability and flexibility, providing officers with: 

    • Precision rotation to match the scenario and create an immersive environment.
    • Seamless calibration to maximize training objectives.
    • Freedom of movement to develop skills with comfort and safety. 

You can pair it with other technologies, such as the RECON 300, for a more immersive experience. 

Prepping for Real-World Challenges with Dynamic Scenarios

One of the standout features of RECON™ 180 is the diversity of dynamic scenarios incorporated into the training modules. Whether navigating urban settings or responding to critical incidents, this simulation system covers everything. 


The adaptability of RECON™ 180 lies in creating realistic and customizable learning environments. This means your training isn’t generic but tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.

Empowering Agencies with Unmatched Training Solutions

Every agency aims to prepare officers for high-risk situations, using every necessary tool to achieve it. But this mission isn’t always smooth. Budget constraints, outdated training methods, and a lack of customization can overwhelm you. But remember, you deserve the reassurance that your officers can handle anything.


At Ti Training, we understand your situation and have dedicated years to crafting a practical solution: our RECON™ 180. This advanced simulation system has helped numerous nationwide agencies enhance their simulation training programs. We offer unmatched technology for enhanced training that no one else does. Let us help you, too!


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