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Proven in the law enforcement and military community, the VRG Pro utilizes the same technologies to deliver training to the civilian market.

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Entertain and Train with Ti Outdoors VRG Pro Simulators

At Ti Training we’re passionate about revolutionizing the entertainment industry with cutting-edge training solutions. Our VRG Pro simulator offers an immersive training experience perfect for commercial shooting ranges, arcades, and other entertainment venues. You can now offer your customers a unique and exciting experience they’ll love.

Our Solutions

Immersive Simulation Training: The Ultimate Experience for Shooting Enthusiasts

Revolutionary Technology:

We use advanced software and hardware to simulate real-world scenarios and environments, giving your customers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Customizable Training Programs:

Whether you want to train your customers on specific skills or scenarios, or simply offer them a fun and engaging experience, we can help.

Enhanced Safety and Liability Protection:

Our virtual ranges use safe and reliable technology, and are designed to comply with industry standards and regulations.

Immersive Customizable Training Solutions:

Explore our VRG Pro Expanded Multiple-Screen Environments.

Training Lab EX™
Training Lab Ultra World
Training Lab EX™

The Latest in Immersive, Expanded Simulation Training

The Training Lab EX system offers a wide range of training options with its 33′ wide projection and 180-degree mobile screen. The Virtual Marksmanship Mode allows up to 12 lanes of fire, and with a quick adjustment, you can switch to a 180-degree judgment scenario. The Gullwing configuration allows for easy adjustments and expansion of virtual training options.

Training Lab Ultra World

Step into The Environment

The Training Lab Ultra World is a modular structure that can be set up in one room or spread into separate rooms. With four different configuration options and incorporating four separate projected surfaces, it allows trainees to move through the environment and interact with evolving scenarios. All powered by a simple computer and user.

Technical Specifications and Key Features of VRG Pro Simulation System

Our turn-key system comes in two easy-to-setup configurations to best suit your needs:


Custom Built Laptop Computer

HD Projector

IR Hit Detection Camera

Mobile speaker system

Pre-cut Pelican storm case for easy transport

Watch your business soar with Ti Outdoors commercial solutions.


Custom Built Desktop Computer

HD Projector & Mount

IR Hit Detection Camera

5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Upgrades for Multi Screen options

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