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At TI Training, we offer a wide range of firearms, de-escalation, and less-lethal options to help your team train effectively and safely. From firearm air recoil systems to TASER replicas and pepper spray, our devices are designed to improve your team’s response in critical situations.

Advanced Training Solutions

Practice Makes Perfect: Mimic Real-Life Situations With Our Training Devices

With our simulation systems and training devices, you can prepare your team for real-life situations and reduce the risk of injury and loss of life. Our devices are designed to mimic the look and feel of real firearms and less-lethal tools, allowing your team to practice in a safe and controlled environment. Whichever tool your agency deploys, there is a solution that will work on the RECON system. This allows for repeatable training with devices that your officers may not use on a daily basis. When the time comes, they will be ready. Our simulation systems and training devices allow for safe and controlled practice. You will improve understanding and skill levels of your officers and will reduce the risk of injuries.

Train with Confidence

Add Value to Your Training With Advanced Features

Safe and Controlled Environment:

Our simulation systems and training devices provide a safe and controlled environment for your team to practice and improve their skills, reducing the risk of injury.

Authentic Simulations:

Our systems are designed to replicate real- life scenarios, allowing your team to practice their response to high- stakes situations in a realistic environment.  Your trainees will feel “like they have been there before” when they encounter any situation.

Effective Training:

From air recoil systems that make it impossible to chamber a live round to laser inserts that can be used with all popular duty weapons, our devices are designed to enhance your team’s skills and improve their response times.

Enhance Your Training, Improve Your Skills

Device Options: Upgrade Your Training With Cutting-Edge Technology

Equip your team with the best tools for effective training and improve their response times in critical situations.

Air Recoil Systems

Our recoil kits are manufactured by Dvorak Instruments, and we offer the widest range of duty handgun, rifle and shotgun options with time proven quality and reliability. With no permanent modifications to your weapons necessary, these kits maintain a safe training environment while offering a realistic experience that will take your training to the next level.

Dry-Fire and Dry-Fire Replica Devices

Our non-recoil dry fire replica guns are perfect for safe practice. With laser inserts available for all popular duty weapons, you can practice with realistic weight, sights, and trigger pull. And with our blue laser training pistol and VRG AR-15, you can even practice in situations where the presence of an actual gun is unacceptable.

TASER Replica Devices

Our TASER replica devices allow you to train with confidence, knowing you’re using a device that’s both safe and effective. With realistic weight and feel, these devices are designed to mimic the spread and deployment of a live TASER, even with re-energizing features. These devices train for judgement and accuracy with real time feedback.

Pepper Spray

Our Laser OC/pepper spray is the same size and weight as a live unit. With correct deployment, the scenario will branch to show the results of OC application, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to be effective in the field.

Baton/Hit/ Kick/ Punch

Our system is designed to show the results of the decision to deploy a baton, or physical strike, giving you the opportunity to train judgement on when this response is appropriate and debrief on effectiveness.

Return Fire Options

Our simulation systems are designed to integrate hostile fire and cover and concealment. Using either a pellet firing cannon or laser vests, along with our portable cover barricade, the trainee can practice true tactical movement for survival.

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