Federal law enforcement is a sphere of exceptional demands and responsibilities. Agencies must arm their officers with cutting-edge solutions to meet these challenges and make confident, ethical choices. However, finding tailored training programs that address the unique needs of federal law enforcement is a demanding journey. 

At Ti Training, we’re familiar with the challenges of the federal world. As a leading provider of simulation systems nationwide, we’ve developed our Federal Use of Force Training program for agencies like yours. You deserve advanced tools to meet your preparation goals; our immersive technology can make that happen. Learn more about our simulation systems today!

Specialized Curriculum and Legal Foundations

Our program goes beyond the traditional training standards. It’s a specialized curriculum designed to tackle federal law enforcement‘s distinctive challenges. Our tools can help your officers reinforce their knowledge and skills by:


Exploring the complex legal foundations that govern the use of force.

Aligning training modules with current regulations

Practicing real-life conditions in a safe, virtual environment

Developing critical thinking skills to make ethical decisions in high-pressure situations 

Scenario-Based Training for the Federal World

We know that real-world experience is invaluable. Our simulation training focuses on scenario-based modules tailored for federal situations. These immersive simulations replicate real-world conditions, honing decision-making and tactical skills in a controlled space. 

From the RECON 300 to RECON LED, our simulation systems provide a safe and cost-effective way to enhance officer skills, including:

    • Improving situational awareness and threat assessment
    • Enhancing communication and teamwork in high-stress situations 
    • Replicating real-life scenarios with realistic graphics and audio effects 

Advanced Firearms Training and Simulation

In the realm of federal law enforcement, advanced firearms training is crucial. Our program incorporates this essential component using state-of-the-art simulation systems. It’s not just about shooting accuracy. It’s about making responsible, split-second decisions under pressure.

Elevate Your Team’s Skills with Our Unmatched Simulation Systems

Traditional curriculums can provide much insight and knowledge, but our simulation training takes it a step further. Why settle when you could combine both experiences to elevate your training program? Working with us is as easy as: 

    1. Identify your training needs and goals.
    2. Customize your training modules to align with these objectives.
    3. Immerse your team in our realistic simulation scenarios.

With Ti Training’s Federal Use of Force Training, your team will be equipped to handle the unique challenges of federal law enforcement. We’re here to ensure your officers get the tailored training they deserve. Let’s begin!

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