Are you worried that your current training methods might not fully prepare your officers for the real-world challenges they face? We get it; you want to provide safety and professionalism, so you deserve the best tools to achieve it. After all, you deserve the reassurance that your team can handle anything that stands in their path.

At Ti Training, we understand your worries. That’s why we create cutting-edge technology to revolutionize law enforcement training. With 17 years of significant advancements in training techniques, we developed our RECON training simulators, offering an unparalleled scenario-based training experience. This is your next step to enhanced performance!

The Evolution of Law Enforcement Training

Law enforcement training has come a long way from traditional classroom instruction and shooting range setups. Our RECON training simulators represent the cutting-edge of this evolution.

They feature large-scale projection screens for a 360-degree view, surround sound that replicates real-world audio, and sensory effects like smoke and scents. All these elements combine to create an immersive and authentic training experience that prepares your officers for real-life situations.


Choose a Model That Fits Your Needs

We understand that every agency has different training needs, so we offer multiple options to emulate real-life scenarios. Our range of models includes:




RECON Simhouse


Each of these models offers a specific set of features tailored to different training needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the use of force and scenario-based training. Whether you need a single screen or multiple targets, count on us to help you find your ideal setting.


Don’t Miss The Chance to Upgrade- Partner with Ti Training for Success

If you discard the possibility of implementing modern immersive training, your team could miss out on learning new practical and decision-making skills. Why not choose a workout that prepares you for real-life situations without the safety risks? Embark on a journey towards superior use of force training with us:

  1. Contact us to discuss your training needs.
  2. Allow us to customize a RECON training solution that suits your agency.
  3. Start experiencing the benefits of advanced, scenario-based training with Ti Training.

At Ti Training, we strive to empower agencies to become the best version of themselves. With our help, you can look forward to a team of confident, competent officers ready to serve and protect. Don’t wait any longer; get a quote!

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