Every enforcement agency wants to be a beacon of safety, trust, and professionalism in their community. However, ensuring officers are adequately prepared for complex, high-stakes situations is delicate. After all, they should have the skills and confidence to face real-life scenarios, and you wish there were a better way to prove they’re ready for it.

At Ti Training, we understand these concerns and want to help you carry this responsibility. With 17 years of experience in the field, we use cutting-edge technology to create immersive scenarios for officer training. We equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge for navigating complex cases effectively. You can prepare your team with our help!

Mastering the Use of Force Continuum with Ti Training

Our core specialty is providing comprehensive training on the Use of Force Continuum. This ensures professionals are well-prepared to handle critical situations with confidence and competence. Our training sessions help differentiate when and how to apply force, balancing the need for public safety against respect for individual rights.

Our scenarios strive to respect the four key principles as stated by Amnesty International:

Legality, which is determined by the laws of the state

Necessity, which is a response to an immediate threat

Proportionality, where the force used should be proportional to the level of danger posed 

Accountability, where all incidents are documented and reviewed accordingly 

Immersive Scenarios: The Future of Training

Incorporating the Use of Force Continuum into our immersive training programs, we offer an experiential learning platform. These immersive scenarios provide a hands-on understanding of the principles and practices guiding the appropriate use of force.

Our video-based firearms training enhances these experiences, creating realistic, high-pressure situations that test and strengthen decision-making skills. Whether dealing with short or long-range confrontations, our training prepares officers to handle real-life scenarios effectively.


Your Path to Enhanced Readiness with Our Video-Based Firearms Training

Not upgrading your officers’ training means you might miss the chance to empower them with the skills needed for success. Why settle with traditional methods when you could embrace the future? Here’s how to achieve it with Ti Training:

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At Ti Training, we’re not just about training; we’re about empowering law enforcement agencies to be their best. Let’s work together to make a difference.

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