Staying at the forefront of law enforcement training is an endless challenge. You want your officers to have the skills and mindset to handle the diverse situations they face each day. But traditional training methods don’t always prepare them for the realities of the job, especially in such an unpredictable environment. 

Ti Training understands this challenging landscape. That’s why we developed our revolutionary training simulation system – RECON™ 180 to take your team’s readiness to the next level through immersive, scenario-based training. It’s the only fully reconfigurable multi-screen simulation system in the world that will bring a sense of realism to your next in-service training.

The Next Evolution in Training

The world of law enforcement is transforming rapidly, and so should the training programs you employ to equip your officers with the latest skills and tactics. RECON™ 180 represents the future of simulation systems for law enforcement training. Here’s why:

  • Its seamless screens and precision rotation allow various training tools and techniques. 
  • Officers gain environmental awareness, situational assessment, use of force judgment, and more. 
  • You’ll enjoy real-world readiness, increased safety, and heightened critical thinking to prepare for law enforcement duties.

Innovative. Immersive. Effective.

RECON™ 180 sets a new standard for immersive simulation training in key ways:

Seamless Visuals

Three seamlessly integrated screens create a 180-degree virtual environment for comprehensive scenario training.

Freedom of Movement

The system’s rotation and open architecture allow for free, natural movement during scenarios.

Endless Configuration

RECON™ 180 can be instantly configured to create any scene or setting for custom training needs. From force-on-force scenarios to de-escalation and crisis intervention, your officers will be ready for anything.

Step Into an Immersive Training Experience with our RECON™ 180 System

Your officers face unexpected dangers every day and should be best prepared to handle them. Don’t settle for outdated training methods – elevating your agency’s skills is as easy as:

  1. Connect with our team to discuss your specific training goals.
  2. Work with us to design a customized curriculum leveraging RECON 180’s capabilities.
  3. Implement future-focused training that fully prepares your personnel to serve and protect.

RECON™ 180 and our professional, in-house content production team deliver next-gen law enforcement training to unlock your team’s potential. Our system can help you achieve the preparedness, confidence, and performance your agency needs to succeed. It’s time to transform your training with RECON™ 180. Trust our simulation company


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