We know you want your Law Enforcement agency to represent safety and professionalism. However, you wonder how to ensure that officers have the tools to handle complex, high-stakes situations. After all, you’ve only seen them train in controlled environments that don’t always emulate real-life.

At Ti Training, we understand these concerns, so let us give you the reassurance you deserve. With 17 years of experience integrating cutting-edge technology, we’re here to revolutionize your law enforcement training. Our augmented reality training software provides a realistic, immersive experience that prepares your officers for real-world challenges.

A New Era in Enforcement Training

Ti Training’s design philosophy focuses on using the latest technologies to deliver maximum value in law enforcement training. That way, your officers can dive into a highly realistic scenario to upgrade their practical and decision-making skills. We prioritize:

Realistic Officer Movements

Our augmented reality training software creates a realistic environment where officers can practice their movements. You can also keep track of their decisions to evaluate their performance.

Objective-Driven Training Content

Our content is tailored to meet specific training objectives, ensuring your officers are well-prepared for any situation. We constantly update our software so your officers always have new scenarios to train with.

Comprehensive Debriefing

We provide detailed feedback on trainee performance to facilitate continuous improvement.

Use of Familiar Devices

Officers train using the equipment they’re already familiar with, eliminating the risk of training scars.

Multi-Trainee Functionality

Our software supports multiple trainees at once, with individual result tracking for each participant.

Customizable Screen Placement

We create an authentic, real-world environment perception by customizing the screen placement based on your specific needs. You can use multiple screens and projectors for more immersive scenarios. 

Are You Ready to Upgrade? Take the Leap with Ti Training

Without effective, modern training, your agency risks being ill-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Don’t hold back from doing upgrades! You can improve your odds of success and step into the field confidently with our help. Get ready to take your law enforcement training to the next level:

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