Elevating Public Safety With Next-Generation Simulation Systems

At Ti Training, safeguarding lives is at the heart of our mission. We equip officers and law enforcement agencies with cutting-edge technology, interactive simulation training systems, and innovative solutions that help them develop the critical skills they need to save lives and keep our communities safe.

Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence

Empower Your Officers with Realistic Training Scenarios

In high-pressure situations, split-second decisions can make all the difference. At Ti Training, we recognize the unique needs of law enforcement professionals. Our team meets regularly with public safety professionals to gather feedback and insights, allowing us to quickly respond to current training needs with tailored solutions that address evolving concerns.

Your Partner in Public Safety

Train Your Team to Respond Effectively in High-Stress Situations

Realistic and Engaging Scenarios

Train for any type of call-for-service, day or night, without the need for role players or multiple locations. Evaluate entire use of force spectrum with all options available to the officer in the real world. Exact replicas of all less lethal and lethal devices give realistic and targeted training.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Our systems are built to last, and the ability to add on screens and capabilities over time means that agencies can build a comprehensive training program without breaking the bank. Options for leasing, payment plans and package discounts make it easy to fit any budget.

Improved Learning and Performance

Repeatable simulations remove the nuances role players introduce and allow instructors to see how each officer reacts to the exact same scenario, while the multiple paths available within each scenario keep the situation dynamic and unpredictable for the officer. Teachable moments are able to be addressed immediately with an interactive replay.

Effective and Targeted Training Scenarios

Law Enforcement Training Solutions

Immerse your officers in the same self-initiated or dispatched activities they’ll see on duty while incorporating communication, de-escalation, and use of force training into everything from traffic duties to active shooter events.

School Safety:

Our comprehensive training program prepares officers for any situation they may encounter in a school setting, including active shooter scenarios and emergency response.

Corrections & Detention:

Our training scenarios cover all aspects of working in a detention setting, from custody and intake to prisoner transport and court appearances.

Crisis Intervention:

No use of force trainer would be complete without opportunities to find resolution through officer presence or verbal skills. Instructors have the ability to escalate or de-escalate a wide variety of scenarios in order to allow officers to develop their soft skills and improve communication.

School Safety Simulation Training

Ti Training is proud to be partnering up with many of the top school safety and active-shooter response experts in the US to create a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind, school-safety training program. Ti is committed to developing interactive training content available exclusively on its Training Lab platform that will provide a powerful tool to school administrators, school resource officers, and first responders for school-safety training issues. We aim to help make this training an integral part of the global response to keeping our students, school staff, and law enforcement professionals safe and prepared.

The Training Room is our interactive classroom system. This powerful training tool enables the instructor to interact with a group of students and solicit real-time feedback through the keypad interface.

Standard Features:

PowerPoint based, with the ability to load existing PowerPoint Lessons.
Self Creation of Training Content
Electronic Polling and Testing
Use of Unlimited Keypads
Immediate Student Feedback
Inexpensive and Cost Effective Training
Courseware by LE Experts

Technical Specifications:

Compatible with any computer that has a USB port.

PowerPoint based
Unlimited Software Licenses
Unlimited Keypad Capability
Reporting Results via MS Excel and MS Word
Ability to share data with Microsoft Outlook

Offline Content Authoring

How it works

Immersive Training in 3 Steps:

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2. Get a Quote

We’ll provide you with a quote with the details on the cost of hardware, software, and any custom content development required.

3. Train Smarter

You’ll be able to learn and practice in a safe, realistic environment that prepares you for any situation.

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