Staying battle-ready is a constant challenge for today’s military. You need your troops to master the skills for diverse combat situations. After all, it’s an unpredictable environment, and you deserve the reassurance that they can handle it. Unfortunately, traditional training methods aren’t sufficient to prepare them for the realities of the modern battlefield. 

Ti Training understands your concerns and wants to help you enhance your techniques. That’s why we created RECON™ 180 – an immersive system designed to take troop readiness to the next level. This technology is the only reconfigurable multi-screen simulation system in the world. Join the future with us. Trust our simulation company

Training That Evolves with New Threats

The battlefield is transforming rapidl., Your training must keep pace to equip soldiers with cutting-edge capabilities. RECON™ 180 represents a significant upgrade opportunity for military training. Here’s why:

  • Its seamless screens and precision rotation generate an immersive virtual training ground. 
  • Your troops can gain environmental awareness, tactical thinking, and more. 
  • Soldiers can use various weapons and techniques to enhance muscle memory in unpredictable scenarios.
  • The payoff is real-world readiness, safety, and quick decision-making.

Get Ready for Groundbreaking, Immersive, and Effective Scenarios

RECON™ 180 sets a new bar for immersive simulation training that considers all the necessary elements for effective learning:

Seamless Visuals

Our three integrated screens create an immersive field of vision for ultra-realistic environments. With RECON™ 180, forces can hone combat skills and instincts across endless simulated theaters of war.

Freedom of Movement

The system’s rotation and open design enable free, natural movement during scenarios so your troops can use various weapons and methods.


RECON 180 can instantly reshape to make any scene or setting for custom training needs. That way, your troops can experience a new challenge in every session.

Step Into an Unmatched Training Experience with our Simulation Systems

Failure to enhance your training methods is likely to jeopardize success on the modern battlefield. By upgrading to RECON™ 180, your troops will gain access to an unparalleled simulator system, unlocking a new dimension of scenarios unlike any other. Here’s how:

  1. Contact us to discuss your specific military training goals.
  2. Collaborate to build customized curriculum with RECON™ 180’s capabilities.
  3. Implement future-forward training that fully prepares your personnel for any mission.

With our RECON™ 180 system, you have the flexibility to create endless scenarios that can adapt to any mission or situation. Are you ready to join simulation training? We’re here to help!




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