Augmented Reality Glasses for Immersive Military Training

Transport trainees into a seamless blend of real-world surroundings and digital effects. Experience lifelike virtual environments, enhance decision-making, and engage in dynamic scenarios to maximize mission readiness

Revolutionizing Military Training

Prepare Your Team For Real-World Challenges with Unparalleled Realism and Effectiveness.

Step into a world where reality and digital innovation converge. Our cutting-edge AR glasses take training to new heights by seamlessly blending the real world with immersive digital effects. Experience lifelike props, obstacles, and scenarios that ignite unparalleled engagement and prepare trainees for any challenge. Embrace the future of simulation training and leave traditional limitations behind.

The Ultimate Training Tool

Blending Real and Virtual Worlds with AR Glasses

Unleash the Power of Augmented Reality:

Our AR glasses enable trainees to see real-world objects and powerful digital effects within their training environment. From interactive props, to cover and concealment objects, the AR glasses create a heightened sense of realism and provide trainees with practical scenarios for honing their skills.

Augmented Reality Headsets:

Our AR glasses offer exceptional performance and functionality. With a wide 100-degree field of view and a comfortable fit over personal eyewear, trainees can engage in immersive training experiences without compromising their comfort or visual clarity.

Seamless Integration and Multi-Trainee Capability:

Integrating seamlessly into the Ti MVT configurations, multiple trainees can wear the AR glasses simultaneously. Trainees can interact with the synchronized virtual elements. while maintaining view-through capability for their hands, training weapons, and colleagues.

Experience Next-Generation Training

Benefits of AR Glasses in Simulation Training:

Enhanced Realism:

Experience a training environment that closely replicates real-world scenarios, enhancing the effectiveness of skill development.

Increased Engagement:

Trainees are fully immersed in the training experience, fostering active participation and heightened situational awareness.

Interactive Scenarios:

With the ability to introduce dynamic virtual elements, trainees can practice decision-making and communication in realistic scenarios.

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