Custom Content Production to Fit Your Training Objectives

Our experienced in-house production crew creates engaging scenarios, helping you achieve relevant and impactful training outcomes. Explore our state-of-the-art production capabilities and flexible pricing options to enhance your training program today.

Video-Based Firearms Training

Elevate Your Training Program with Customized Scenario Development

When it comes to training, one size doesn’t fit all. Generic scenarios often miss the mark in understanding the unique challenges and dynamics of your team. Our custom content production service steps in, offering tailored scenarios aligned with your specific training objectives. Beyond personalization, we uphold the stringent requirements of confidentiality in military operations, ensuring your team’s readiness with the utmost discretion.

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Professional Filming and Editing

Utilizing our 7000-square-foot studio, green screen technology, and advanced editing capabilities, our experienced production crew will film and edit the scenario content to the highest standards.

Interactive Scenario Design:

Our team goes beyond traditional video production by incorporating interactive elements into the scenario design. We can integrate branching paths, decision-making points, and interactive elements that require trainee participation, enhancing realism and effectiveness.

Flexible Training Content Packages:

We offer flexible training content packages to accommodate different requirements. Whether you need a single scenario or a comprehensive library of training content, we can tailor a package that suits your budget and training objectives.

Custom Scenario Development

Professional Video Production for Impactful Training Experiences

Realism and Relevance

By incorporating familiar locations, specific tactics, and relevant challenges, you can enhance the realism of the training experience and improve the transfer of skills to real-world scenarios.

Targeted Skill Development

Whether it’s decision-making under pressure, situational awareness, communication, or complex problem-solving, custom content production allows you to create targeted training experiences that address the unique needs of your unit.

Engagement and Retention

Custom scenarios provide a higher level of engagement for trainees. This heightened engagement improves information retention and increases the effectiveness of the training, leading to better performance outcomes in real-life scenarios.

How it works

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Take Your Training Program to the Next Level with Custom Content Production

Ti Training provides a three-day Scenario Creation Boot Camp, designed for anyone interested in creating their own scenario content.

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