Maximize Your Weapons Handling, Qualifications, and Training

Improve your marksmanship skills with Firing Line™, the premier virtual training simulator for military personnel. Experience realistic 3D ranges, versatile integration, customizable targets, and more.

Elevate Shooting Proficiency

Enhance Safety, Efficiency, and Performance

Experience the benefits of our cutting-edge firing line solutions designed exclusively for military training. From advanced target systems to specialized range equipment, our solutions optimize safety, efficiency, and overall performance, empowering military personnel to achieve their training objectives. Whether used as a stand-alone system or integrated with our simulators, Firing Line™ offers a seamless transition between scenario-based training and marksmanship practice.

Train Safely and Smarter

Lifelike Shooting Experience for Enhanced Skill Development

Immersive Marksmanship Training:

Experience a highly realistic shooting experience with our Firing Line™ Marksmanship Training Simulator. Step into a dynamic virtual range where real-world ballistics and environmental elements are incorporated for an authentic training experience.

Versatile Integration:

The Firing Line module seamlessly integrates with our MVT® simulator or can function as a stand-alone system. Enjoy the convenience of transferring between scenario-based training and marksmanship seamlessly, with the same calibration and system components.

Customizable Targets and Courses:

Upload any target image, size it appropriately, and draw zones for accurate scoring. Design courses of fire that meet your specific training objectives, with the flexibility to test and refine hit zones to ensure precision.

Training Room

Features & Specs

Target Designer:

Create or import your own target images, with the ability to edit scoring zones for precise assessment.

Trainee Database Management:

Maintain a comprehensive database of trainees, including their names, ID numbers, and unit IDs.

Customizable Weapons Ballistics:

Fine-tune weapon characteristics to match real-world performance.

How it works

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3. Optimize training
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Discover the Power of Firing Line™ and Take Your Unit’s Marksmanship Training to the Next Level.

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