The Ultimate Three-Screen, Adaptable Environment

Enhance your unit’s training capabilities with MVT 180. Our innovative three-screen simulator offers unparalleled adaptability, realism, and versatility.

Experience the Future of Military Training Today

Introducing MVT 180, a game-changing solution for military training. With its advanced three-screen immersive environment and cutting-edge technology, MVT 180 delivers realism, precision, and adaptability. From marksmanship training to situational awareness and judgment scenarios, MVT 180 provides highly accurate and customizable experiences. Enhance your skills, make better decisions, and ensure readiness with MVT 180.

MVT 180:

Unleashing Tactical Excellence through Immersive Training

Immersive Realism:

Immerse your troops in lifelike training scenarios replicating real-world environments to ensure they are fully prepared for the diverse and ever-evolving missions they may encounter.

Precision and Accuracy:

Configure the screens to match the scene, ensuring accurate perspectives and eliminating distractions. Train with confidence, knowing that every detail matters.

Freedom of Movement:

Maintain complete freedom of movement within the training space, enabling natural interactions and fostering realistic responses in high-pressure situations.

Advanced Simulation and Tactics Training

Bridge the Gap Between Theory and Real-Life Situations

Mission Rehearsals:

Conduct virtual mission rehearsals to enhance team coordination, communication, and decision-making skills.

Use of Force/Decision Making:

Train personnel to make critical decisions in high-pressure situations, ensuring proper use of force and minimizing risks.

Collective Squad Level Training:

Foster teamwork and collaboration through collective training exercises that simulate squad-level operations.

Realistic Training at Its Finest:

MVT 180 Features:

Three-screen immersive training environment spanning up to 33 feet wide

Moveable outer screens for judgment scenario training in 180 degrees, ensuring accurate perspective representation

Calibration technology maintains system accuracy and performance across different screen configurations

Self-contained standalone system powered by commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components

Choice of 110 or 240 power options for flexibility in various operational settings

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