Five-Screen Projection/LED for Unparalleled Immersion

Experience a groundbreaking advancement in military training with MVT 300. By incorporating multiple independent Smart Screens, MVT 300 enables dynamic and immersive scenarios that prepare your troops for the challenges they’ll face in the theatre.

Expand Your Training Horizons:

Pushing Boundaries in Real-World Scenario Training

The MVT 300 simulator combines advanced technology and modular design to create a versatile training platform. Its multiple screens, virtual marksmanship mode, and realistic movement demands provide an immersive and effective training experience. The system can be easily reconfigured into different room setups, allowing diverse real-world scenario training. Its technical specifications ensure seamless operation and flexibility in scenario creation, making it an ideal solution for comprehensive and impactful military training.

Next-Level Technology:

MVT 300 Simulator Revolutionizes Tactical Training

Immersive Scenario Creation

Create a virtually limitless array of training scenarios by strategically placing multiple independent Smart Screens, offering dynamic and interactive training experiences.

Realistic Movement and Engagement

Enable real-world movement as trainees navigate through scenarios, interact with virtual subjects, and respond to changing environments, fostering critical decision-making skills.

Streamlined Control and Operation

Effortlessly manage the entire training system using a single monitor and mouse, synchronizing the 180 or CORE, and all Smart Screens for seamless and cohesive training sessions.

Interactive Simulations for Mission-Critical Training

Unlock Endless Training Possibilities with the MVT 300

Urban Combat Operations:

Prepare your personnel for the challenges of urban warfare by simulating scenarios in complex urban environments. Train them to navigate streets, clear buildings, engage hostile forces and make critical decisions in high-pressure situations.

Hostage Rescue Mission:

Replicate a hostage situation where trainees must plan and execute a rescue mission. Create scenarios involving negotiations, breaching techniques, room clearing, and hostage extraction. Test their communication, teamwork, and tactical skills to ensure a successful mission outcome.

Convoy Protection and Ambush Response:

Simulate realistic convoy movements and ambush scenarios. Enhance their ability to detect, react, and neutralize threats while emphasizing effective communication and coordination between team members.

Training Room

Features & Specs


Five-screen projection/LED system for an expansive training environment

Virtual marksmanship mode with the capability of up to 25 lanes of fire

Reactive target shooting drills available on multiple screens

Modular design allows for customizable screen layout

Realistic movement demands for training participants

Can be reconfigured into multiple rooms for real-world scenario training.

Technical Specifications:

Screen count: 5 (expandable up to 27)

Customizable screen size

Computer and peripherals integrated within each screen

Operated in sync by one operator at a single instructor station.

Virtual marksmanship mode with up to 15 lanes of fire on the 180 screen.

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