The Versatile Single Screen Military Virtual Training Simulator

From pre-deployment readiness to mission rehearsals, our MVT simulators enable trainees to make critical decisions, enhance tactical skills, and develop effective teamwork strategies.

An Unparalleled Training Experience

Develop The Critical Skills Needed To Succeed In The Most Challenging Environments.

Meeting demanding requirements and high-performance standards is paramount in the dynamic armed forces world. Traditional training methods often force a compromise between being dynamic, immersive, and simple to deploy. That’s where Ti Training steps in. With over twenty years of experience and thousands of systems fielded worldwide, we understand the importance of innovation, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness in military training. Our military solutions stand at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, reshaping the training landscape for the modern armed forces.

State-of-the-Art Virtual Training

When It Comes To Training, There Are No Shortcuts

Optimize Skills and Proficiency:

Equip your personnel with a wide range of training modules, from basic weapon handling to advanced marksmanship. Tailored skill-building exercises and self-paced training ensure optimal knowledge retention.

Realistic Simulations for Mission Readiness:

Featuring tetherless recoil systems, immersive visuals, realistic sounds, and authentic sensory effects, our simulators provide a comprehensive and cost-effective training experience using familiar equipment for accurate skill development.

User-Friendly Support and Customized Training:

Access a user-friendly courseware creation application to customize training programs. Benefit from dedicated 24/7 technical support, easy maintenance with modular design, and quick component replacement, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted training sessions.

Scenario-Based Training

Maximize Training Sessions And Address Specific Challenges Your Troops May Encounter

MVT CORE provides realistic simulations for a wide range of scenarios, including:

OCONUS Missions

We replicate the complexities and environments your forces may encounter in international operations, ensuring your troops are prepared, adaptable, and mission-ready, wherever duty calls.

Counterterrorism Operations:

Train for high-risk situations, focusing on hostage rescue, tactical entry, and neutralization of threats.

Convoy Operations:

Simulate convoy protection, ambush scenarios, and improvised explosive device (IED) detection and response.

Realistic Training at Its Finest:

Enhance Your Military Training with Comprehensive Solutions

Simulated Weapons And Devices:

Handgun, Service Rifle, Shoulder-Fired, or Crew Served (M240 and M249)

Accurate Form Fit and Function

Tetherless/Compressed Air/CO2 Recoil

Sencored Replica & Surrogate Weapons (Haptech/Unit 4)

Mil-Spec Components

Laser-Based Tracking

Unique ID

12-Month Warranty


Portable and Deployable (2-person lift)

Self-contained stand-alone system

Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS)

110 or 240 power

12-Month Warranty

24/7 Help Desk

Modular Design - Line Replaceable Units (LRU)

One Ruggedized Pelican Case per System

Built-in Extendable Handles and Rollers

How it works

Streamlined Military Training in 3 Steps

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3. Optimize training
Equip your personnel with the skills and tools to excel, adapt, and succeed in any situation.


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