Configured to Fit Your Training Needs

MVT SimHouse is a fully customizable simulation system to meet your training goals. With options ranging from 2 to 9 rooms, you can create a simulation environment tailored to your needs.

From Simulation to Proficiency

Empower Your Troops for Mission Success

Step into a new era of immersive military training with MVT SimHouse. Designed to provide a true-to-life experience, this cutting-edge solution offers a fabricated architectural structure and versatile configuration options that bring training scenarios to life. Engage in interactive simulations projected on walls, mirroring the challenges of real-world missions. With its modular design, MVT SimHouse ensures flexibility, enabling customized training cycles tailored to your needs.

Assembled to Fit Your Training Goals

Explore The Possibilities Of The MVT Simhouse

Fully Customizable Training Environment:

From the number of screens to the configuration of the SimHouse, you have the flexibility to create a simulation system that meets your specific training needs.

Interactive and Realistic Scenarios:

Engage in hands-on training, where participants actively navigate through lifelike environments, honing their skills and decision-making abilities in a safe and controlled setting.

Flexibility and Mobility for Dynamic Training:

Designed with modularity and mobility in mind, MVT SimHouse offers unparalleled flexibility for training. Its modular design allows for easy setup and reconfiguration, making it adaptable to different training locations and scenarios, including in-theatre.

Customize Your Training

Different Scenarios – Versatility at Its Best

Portable Training:

Prepare for modern warfare challenges with immersive training. Our simulators replicate combat scenarios, enhancing shooting precision and accuracy and elevating your combat skills and confidence.

Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism Operations:

Experience intense training in realistic encounters with insurgents and terrorists. Our simulations cover various skills and tactics that prepare you to combat asymmetric threats effectively.

Joint Force Operations and Combined Arms Maneuvers:

Master coordinated warfare through training in joint force operations. Our simulators empower military units to enhance interoperability and synchronization, achieving synergy across different branches through mission planning exercises and support simulations.

Training Room

Features & Specs

Customizable Training Cycles:

Scenario projection on walls for an authentic training experience

Easy configuration changes with snap-on connectors

Interactive environment for trainees to navigate and engage with

Streamlined training operations with a single instructor

Modular design for flexibility and versatility in training scenarios

Realistic shoot house training environment

Technical Excellence:

Fabricated architectural structure designed for immersive training

Multiple configuration options powered by a single instructor station.

Mobile and reconfigurable, allowing for versatile training setups

How it works

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