Every enforcement agency strives to offer the best training for their officers. That way, you can ensure they’re ready for any situation that comes their way. However, traditional training methods don’t always give you that reassurance, and you wonder if there’s a way to train smarter and safer.

At Ti Training, we understand your doubts and are here to help you evolve with our immersive training options. With over 17 years of experience and cutting-edge technology, we’re revolutionizing law enforcement training using RECON™ CORE. Reach out to learn why this tool is the best choice to ensure your officers are never underprepared!

RECON™ Core: A New Era in Training

Are you ready to upgrade from classroom presentations and shooting range setups? Meet RECON™ Core! Our training simulators feature large-scale projection screens, surround sound, and sensory effects like smoke and scents. These elements combine to create an immersive experience that mirrors real-world conditions without the risks.

RECON Core offers a comprehensive approach to use of force training like never before. The best part? You can complement the workshops with other products from Ti Training’s suite:



RECON Simhouse


Customizable & Scalable Training Solutions

RECON™ Core isn’t just innovative; it’s adaptable. As a single-screen system, it serves as a scalable and customizable starting point for your training needs. Whether you’re a small municipal or county agency, a large state or federal agency, or somewhere in between, we can tailor the system to your unique requirements.

Our system allows you to try over 900 multi-branching scenarios. That way, your team will always face new dangers and decisions during their use of force training. We also offer a portable alternative so you can set the sessions anywhere you like.

Cost-effective & Resource Optimizing

RECON™ Core is designed with your resources in mind. It’s a cost-effective solution that optimizes resource management and improves team performance. With RECON™ Core, you’re investing in a tool that delivers value for money and a return on investment through enhanced officer performance.


Your Journey Towards Smarter Use of Force Training with RECON™ Core

Without adequate training, your agency risks being ill-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Why settle when you could take your team’s skills to the next level? Embarking on this journey is easy:



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Start training smarter and safer with RECON™ Core.

With Ti Training’s models like RECON™ Core and RECON 300, you’ll have a team of confident, competent officers ready to serve and protect. Let’s transform your training together.

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