Technology is constantly growing and evolving as time goes by, and it’s no different for law enforcement agencies. If you’re in charge of one, you strive to stay ahead of the curve to prepare your officers for the potential dangers and choices. Challenges like unpredictable scenarios, split-second decision-making, and maintaining public safety can often seem daunting. 

At Ti Training, we understand these challenges and are committed to providing solutions. That’s why we created RECON LED, our advanced training system. Built on our top simulation technology, this model represents the next step in immersive law enforcement training scenarios. As a pioneer in innovative solutions, Ti Training is proud to introduce this evolution in simulation systems.

The RECON LED Advantage: Precision-Engineered for Excellence

RECON LED isn’t just another training tool. It’s a meticulously designed system that offers unique features tailored specifically for law enforcement agencies. With a 180-degree immersive environment, officers can experience a wide range of real-world scenarios. And with a 2-year warranty, your investment is secure.

Unleashing Potential with RECON LED

Ti Training is a trusted ally in law enforcement preparedness, helping agencies enhance their capabilities and preparedness. Here are some training results you can expect thanks to our law enforcement programs:

Enhanced Situational Awareness

RECON LED’s comprehensive environment allows trainees to develop a keen sense of their surroundings, enhancing situational awareness.

Improved Decision-Making

Experience a variety of scenarios that challenge and refine decision-making skills under pressure, a critical aspect of law enforcement training.

Boosted Preparedness

Our system offers diverse scenarios, helping officers prepare for the unexpected and handle any situation confidently.

Transforming Training Paradigms with RECON LED

RECON LED isn’t just a step forward; it’s a leap. It transcends traditional training methods, providing each law enforcement agency with a competitive edge. Imagine the transformation of your training programs when your officers can train in realistic, immersive scenarios.

Embrace the Future of Simulation Training with Ti

Rejecting the possibility of trying new technology could keep you from creating an advanced and immersive training experience. Why not try it and bring your officers to new skill levels? It’s time to turn the page and embrace the future of training. With RECON LED, your journey is straightforward:


  1. Partner with Ti Training
  2. Implement RECON LED in your training regimen
  3. Witness the transformation in your officers’ performance

Equip your officers with skills for today’s world, boost their confidence, and enhance public safety thanks to our simulation systems. With Ti Training and RECON LED, you’re not just training better but leading the charge.








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