In today’s fast-paced corporate and educational training environments, customized simulation solutions are no longer a luxury but a necessity. The demand is clear: more adaptable, versatile, and personalized training tools that align with specific objectives. After all, standardized programs don’t always meet your requirements and can leave you feeling frustrated and ill-equipped.

You shouldn’t settle for tools that don’t fully serve your needs. At Ti Training, we understand the dilemma and are here to help. After years of developing immersive technologies, we’ve seen the transformative power of tailored training solutions. That’s why we created RECON SimHouse, a platform designed to fit your unique goals. 


Tailored Simulation Environments: Your Vision, Our Execution

When it comes to law enforcement or military training, one size doesn’t fit all. RECON SimHouse is built around this principle. Whether you’re preparing for urban combat scenarios or honing negotiation skills, our platform creates a tailored simulation environment that meets your needs.


Configurable Hardware and Software: Flexibility at Your Fingertips

The power of RECON SimHouse lies in its configurable hardware and software. This flexibility allows you to adapt the system to specific goals, such as the use of force training. It’s like having a personal trainer who understands and helps you achieve your goals.

Integration with Existing Training Programs: Enhancing What Works

We understand the effort you’ve put into your existing law enforcement training programs. That’s why RECON SimHouse integrates seamlessly with your curriculum. It complements what works, elevating your training without disrupting established processes.

Scalability for Future Goals: Growing with You

RECON SimHouse isn’t just about meeting your current needs. The technology scales and evolves with your changing requirements. Whether you’re expanding your team or exploring new training scenarios, our simulation systems are ready to grow with you.

Make the Most of Your Training with RECON SimHouse

If you don’t take a chance to incorporate new methods into your training curriculum, you could miss out on valuable opportunities. Why not give your officers the best possible training experience with Ti’s RECON SimHouse? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Identify your specific training needs.
  2. Customize RECON SimHouse to fit these requirements.
  3. Integrate the system with your existing curriculum.

With Ti Training, you can achieve a tailored, adaptable, and practical training program that truly fits your goals. Work with us to develop a training system that prepares your officers for any scenario, no matter how challenging. 

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