In the high-stakes world of law enforcement training, every detail matters. The quality and realism of your training tools can make the difference between success and failure. Your officers deserve access to various learning methods to prepare and improve their skills in a safe environment. 

At Ti Training, we understand the pressure you face to ensure your team has all the skills to tackle real-world challenges. That’s why we bring you RECON SimHouse, a state-of-the-art simulation system in a class of its own. With almost two decades of experience, we can help you build the ideal training system that meets your needs. Let’s get started!

Customizable Simulation Modules: Tailored Training for Specific Needs

We know that every law enforcement agency has unique training needs and appreciate the value of customization. That’s why our simulation systems allow you to tailor your training modules to suit your requirements. Whether you’re focusing on traffic stops or hostage negotiations, our versatile platform lets you build the ideal training environment.


High-Fidelity Graphics and Realism: Immersive Training Like Never Before

When it comes to simulation training, realism is critical. With RECON SimHouse, you’ll immerse in high-fidelity graphics replicating real-world scenarios with stunning accuracy. This level of detail creates an engaging and practical training experience that prepares your officers for the field.

Integration with Ti Training Solutions: Leveraging Expertise for Optimal Law Enforcement Training

RECON SimHouse seamlessly integrates cutting-edge hardware with proven training content. This ensures your preparation is immersive and rooted in practical, field-tested strategies..

Scalability for Varied Training Scenarios: From Individual Exercises to Large-Scale Simulations

Whether you’re conducting individual skill-building exercises or coordinating large-scale, multi-agency simulations, RECON SimHouse has you covered. Our simulation systems are designed to scale according to your needs, providing:

  • Versatile and dynamic training environments.
  • Realistic, customizable scenarios to fit your needs.
  • Multi-level training options, from basic skills to complex situations.

Embrace the Future of Training with Ti’s RECON SimHouse

Don’t settle for outdated training methods that leave your team unprepared. Our technology could be the perfect opportunity to elevate your officers’ skills and confidence to handle any situation. Here’s all you need to do: 

  1. Explore the capabilities of RECON SimHouse and see how our customizable modules can meet your specific training needs. 
  2. Experience the realism and immersion offered by our high-fidelity graphics. 
  3. Integrate Ti Training’s solutions to ensure your training is effective and practical.

At Ti Training, we aim to provide a flexible and adaptable simulation system that meets all your training requirements. With RECON SimHouse, you can easily create scenarios that prepare your team for anything they might face. Work with us!

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