RECON 180 – The Three-Screen, Adaptable Environment for the Ultimate Immersive Training

Invest in the future of your agency’s training with the RECON 180 System – the world’s first and only fully reconfigurable multi-screen simulation system. Our innovative system demands realistic movements from participants, providing the ultimate immersive training experience.

Precision Training for Real-Life Scenarios:

Upgrade Your Training Program with RECON 180: The Future of Law Enforcement Simulation.

Effective training is critical for law enforcement officials who face a wide range of scenarios where quick thinking and precise action are necessary. That’s why we developed the RECON 180. Our system is designed to accurately represent any scenario with precision. With the ability to rotate the outer screens, RECON 180 provides accurate perspectives that enhance training outcomes and help officers make more informed decisions in the field.

Revolutionize Your Law Enforcement Training

RECON 180 – The Flexibility and Adaptability You Need to Stay Prepared for Any Situation

Precision Rotation

Our innovative design allows the instructor to rotate the outer screens to match the scenario and create the ultimate immersive environment. Whether you’re training for a building breach or a street encounter, the RECON 180 provides the accurate perspective needed to develop critical skills.

Seamless Calibration

With the Gullwing configuration, you can maximize your training objectives, from up to 33’ wide at the flat position to 180 degrees. The system stays completely calibrated, allowing for seamless incorporation of a vastly expanded array of virtual training options.

Freedom of Movement

Unlike other systems that limit an officer’s movement, the RECON 180 provides complete freedom of movement in the training space. This is critical to developing the skills needed for real-life encounters.

Different Scenarios, Same Realism

Achieve Success in the Field with RECON 180: The Ultimate Training Solution for Law Enforcement.

Use of Force:

The simulator enables officers to utilize the entire use of force spectrum, including the less-lethal options they carry, without the need for costly training cartridges, sprays, or impact munitions.


The RECON 180 allows law enforcement officers to train for a wide range of de-escalation scenarios, helping them learn how to defuse tense situations and avoid the use of force.

Crisis Intervention:

From handling mental health crises and domestic disputes to active shooter situations, officers can hone their decision-making skills for better outcomes in the field.

Elevate Your Training Experience with RECON 180: Revolutionary Features for Enhanced Realism

Three-screen immersive training environment.
The system projects up to 33ft wide and incorporates our 180 mobile screen system.
Use the Virtual Marksmanship Mode to create up to 15 lanes of fire, or fold the outer screens inward for judgment scenario training in 180 degrees.
The system stays calibrated and can incorporate expanded virtual training options.

How it works

Immersive Training in 3 Steps:

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