RECON300 -Immersive, Reconfigurable, Five-Screen Simulation Training

Law enforcement officers need top of the line training. That’s why we designed the Ti Training RECON 300 Simulator, powered by our patented technology that allows officers to train smarter and better!

Prepare for High-Stress Scenarios:

Enhance Your Skills with RECON 300’s Dynamic Simulation System

Our RECON 300 Simulator provides advanced battle drills, realistic physical movements, and complex mission simulations with engaging graphics for a thrilling and immersive experience. Our patented RECON 180 technology allows trainees to engage in multiple independent Smart Screens at once, providing unlimited different scenarios. Now officers can keep up-to-date on many important skills such as the use of force, surveillance and search techniques, hostage crisis management, and much more.

A Fully Integrated Training Experience

RECON 300: The Smart Investment for Optimal Law Enforcement Training and Performance

Enhanced Realism:

With the addition of multiple independent Smart Screens, officers can interact with reporting parties and deal with scenarios that require movement and spatial awareness.

Unlimited Scenarios:

With up to 24 screens that can be added to the RECON, law enforcement agencies have access to an unlimited number of scenarios. The Smart Screens are fully integrated with the CORE, allowing for seamless scenario building and control.

Streamlined Operation:

The Smart Screens are operated in sync by a single operator using a single monitor and mouse, making scenario control and management much easier. Additionally, the Smart Screens require only one power source, simplifying setup and reducing the need for additional infrastructure.

Train for Any Situation

900+ Training Scenarios: A Glimpse into the RECON 300’s Capabilities

Active Shooter Response:

With the ability to add up to 24 independent Smart Screens, the RECON 300 can create complex scenarios involving multiple shooters in various locations. Officers can practice communication, coordination, and movement in a high-stress environment that simulates a real-life active shooter event.

Hostage Negotiation:

The Smart Screens allow for the creation of a negotiation environment outside the simulation room, where officers can gather intelligence and negotiate with the subject before entering the five-screen setup. The scenario can escalate or de-escalate based on the officer’s response, allowing for comprehensive training in crisis management.

Use of Force Decision Making:

The RECON 300 can simulate scenarios where officers need to make split-second decisions about the use of force. By incorporating the Smart Screens, officers can experience different factors that impact the use of force decision, such as the location of the incident, and the level of threat.


Patented RECON 180 technology for immersive training experience

5-screen projection for expansive training environment

Virtual marksmanship mode with up to 15 lanes of fire

Reactive target shooting drills on multiple additional screens
Modular design for customizable screen layout
Realistic movement demands for training participants
Can be reconfigured into multiple rooms for real-world scenario training

Technical Specifications:

Screen count: 5 (expandable up to 24)
Screen size: customizable
Virtual Marksmanship mode with up to 15 lanes of fire
Computer and peripherals included within screens
Operated in sync by one operator with a single monitor and mouse

Scenarios built from a library of scenes that branch and react as a single scenario

Power required to run the system

How it works

Immersive Training in 3 Steps:

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3. Train Smarter

You’ll be able to learn and practice in a safe, realistic environment that prepares you for any situation.


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