Train Smarter and Safer with RECON Core: The Versatile Single Screen Simulator

At Ti Training, we know that your officers’ ability to save lives and protect their communities relies on their skills and responsiveness. That’s why we’ve developed the RECON Core, the foundation of our simulation systems designed to provide effective training for law enforcement professionals.

Unlimited Training.
Unlimited Possibilities.

Are You Ready to Take Your Law Enforcement Training to The Next Level?

Train with your duty belt loaded with real or exact replica firearm and less lethal devices. Our simulator allows for 900+ multi branching training scenarios that show the results of every decision the trainee makes. Unlimited replication of legal and policy training, anytime of the day or night. Scenario and software updates as well as phone support are for the life of the system regardless of warranty status. You can trust that you will always have the most up to date and cutting edge simulation training technology at your fingertips.

Unparalleled Training Solutions

RECON Core: Exceptional Value to Law Enforcement Agencies

Versatile & Affordable:

With its single-screen design, it’s easy to set up and doesn’t require a lot of room. It’s upgradable to multi-screen configurations, so you can add more screens as your needs change.

Comprehensive Training:

With over 900 branching scenarios and 200 shooting drills, the RECON Core system provides a wide range of training options. Your agency’s qualification course of fire can be added for economical qualification practice.

Portable & Convenient:

The RECON Core comes with everything you need, computer, projector, speakers, & cables.  Portable units include travel cases and a portable screen, and permanent mounted systems come with extended cables and mounting hardware.

Intuitive Software, Continuous Innovation

Reliable and Convenient: RECON Core Comes with All the Necessary Equipment for Immediate Use

Fits any budget and any space
Upgradable to multi-screen configurations

Includes all force options for comprehensive training

Provides low-light training for realistic scenarios

Editing software included for customizing scenarios

Optional smart case or cart for easy mobile training using walls or screens.
Permanent mounted system comes with desktop CPU, ceiling mount, extended cables and 5.1 speakers
Portable system comes with a laptop, portable speakers, travel cables, Pelican case and travel screen.

Check out our features

RECON Standard Features:

Whatever the budget and whatever the space requirements, Ti Training’s RECON family of products fits today and will grow with your agency in the future.

Windows Professional operating system

Microsoft Office compatibility allows for multimedia presentations

High definition video projector (native 16 x 9 format, 3600 lumens)
Standard size 12′ X 6’11” projection screen (RECON Single screen)
5.1 Surround Sound speaker system
22″ flat panel LCD instructor monitor
Keyboard & optical mouse
Low light feature, adjustable light conditions on any scenario
Self-calibrating without the need for handheld devices
Operates in ANY light conditions for safety and instructor control
Scenario and “on-the-fly” 3-D audio effects (Library included)
Audio controls located on instructor monitor
Customizable trainee report generation

After scenario debriefing, allows multimedia files to be viewed

Picture in picture (PiP) in full color and audio for viewing on replay

Pause, play, restart and stop functions during scenario play
Pause, frame forward and frame back controls on debrief replay
Digital scrolling capabilities in the replay video
Zoom in during debrief for viewing shot accuracy
Capable of creating scenario “playlist” with save and recall function
Radio Frequency keypads can be integrated at no additional software cost

Training scenario library 900+ native HD scenarios preloaded

Free HD scenarios for the life of the system (40+ Annually)
Skill builder shooting drills in graphic applications pre-loaded
12 Month warranty – includes 24/7 support line and loaner system

RECON Specifications

Computer & Software
Multimedia Specs
Debrief Specs

Professional Grade CPU and Hardware

Windows OS

Microsoft Office Compatible

Lightweight Flat Panel LCD Instructor Monitor

Ti's Scenario Creation & Editing Interface

Ti's Instructor Interface for complete Scenario Control and Debrief

Keyboard, Optical Mouse, and all necessary wires, cables, connectors

Full Warranty – Includes 24/7 technical support and loaner system

High-Quality Surround Sound

HD Projection Screen
Low Light and adjustable light conditions
Automatic self-calibration with sub-pixel accuracy
Environmental control options: light bar, strobe light, fog machine, wind, etc.
900+ Pre-Loaded Scenario Library
Skill Builder Shooting Drills
Scenario Updates for the life of the system
High Def video quality

Stereoscopic 3D Technology

Capable of creating scenario playlist with save and recall function
Zoom-In controls during debrief
Picture in picture capability (PiP)
Customizable Trainee Report Generator
Slow-Motion, Pause, Frame Forward, Frame Back controls for debrief replay

How it works

Immersive Training in 3 Steps:

1. Contact Us
Get in touch with us and let us know about your needs. We’ll recommend the best solution for your situation.
2. Get a Quote
We’ll provide you with a quote with the details on the cost of hardware, software, and any custom content development required.
3. Train Smarter

You’ll be able to learn and practice in a safe, realistic environment that prepares you for any situation.

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