RECON LED: The New Definition of Training

At the forefront of law enforcement immersive training technology, Ti Training proudly presents the RECON LED – a groundbreaking solution that promises to transform your agency’s training capabilities. Compatible with RECON Core, 180 and 300 models, it delivers unparalleled clarity and definition in all lighting conditions.

Training That Gets You Home

Revolutionize your Agency’s Training with the RECON LED

The RECON LED can instantly be transformed from a flat 34.5-inch wide surface to a 180-degree immersive environment, thanks to our patented Gullwing configuration technology, all while staying precisely calibrated. Its precision-engineered panels guarantee stunning visual quality, even at close range, ensuring superior clarity and definition in dark and light environments.

Advanced Immersive Technology for Exceptional Training

Discover A New Standard for Training Excellence

Precision-Engineered Technology:

Experience superior clarity and definition in all lighting conditions, replicating real-world scenarios with exceptional visual quality.

Versatility to Suit Your Needs:

Choose from our CORE, 180 or 300 models, tailored to provide your agency with the perfect training solution.

Built to Last:

Enjoy peace of mind with a product rated for an impressive 100,000 hours of use, all backed by a solid 2-year warranty.

Train Like Your Life Depends on It

Transforming Training into Tangible Outcomes

Sharper Skills:

With the RECON LED, your officers sharpen their skills, improving response times and gaining the confidence needed in high-pressure situations.

Operational Excellence:

RECON LED ensures that your team is always at its best, no matter what they face in the field. The mission to protect, serve, and return home safely has never been more attainable.

Cost-Effective Training:

The RECON LED is a smart investment. Its long-lasting performance and the ability to reduce expensive training exercises maximize your training budget.

Technical Characteristics & Specs

11′ 5″ x 6′ 6″ Screen
P2.2mm Panels
4K Compatible
High Refresh Rate 3840hz
NovaStar VX600 Video Processors
Brightness 1500 NITS
G-Energy Power 110-220v
LED Panel Storage Cases
Rated 100,000 Hours
2-Year Warranty

How it works

Immersive Training In 3 Steps:

1. Contact Us
Get in touch with us and let us know about your needs. We’ll recommend the best solution for your situation.
2. Get a Quote
We’ll provide you with a quote with the details on the cost of hardware, software, and any custom content development required.
3. Train Smarter
You’ll be able to learn and practice in a safe, realistic environment that prepares you for any situation.


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