RECON SimHouse: The Completely Modular and Mobile, Multi-Room Simulation Experience

Ti Training offers the RECON SimHouse, the most flexible simulation system in the market. With options for 2 to 24 screens, you can design a simulation system that meets your specific training goals.

Customized to Your Needs

Build Your Ideal Simulation System with RECON SimHouse

With RECON SimHouse, officers receive realistic and interactive training that prepares them for the unpredictable situations they may encounter in the field. They’ll be able to move through reconfigurable walls, interact and respond to changing situations in real-time. This training leads to increased confidence and better decision making in real world encounters.

Assembled to Fit Your Goals

Next-Level Training with RECON SimHouse

Fully Customizable:

The RECON SimHouse offers a highly customizable simulation experience, tailored to your specific training needs. From the number of screens to the configuration of the shoot house, you have the freedom to design a simulation system that aligns with your training goals.

Interactive Simulation:

The SimHouse is designed for simulation training with lasers or force-on-force /marking rounds. The active scenarios play through the rooms and force trainees to move through real spaces, make decisions and interact with situations they would encounter on the job.

Flexibility and Mobility:

The RECON SimHouse is designed to be completely modular and mobile, making it easy to set up and reconfigure. With the ability to easily move and customize the simulation system, agencies can train in a variety of locations and adapt to changing training needs.

Limitless Tactical Scenarios

Enhance Your Team’s Readiness with RECON SimHouse.

Develop Situational Awareness:

Our customizable simulation system helps officers sharpen their situational awareness skills, allowing them to make critical decisions in high-pressure situations.

Prepare for Active Shooter Response:

Our Simulation and marking cartridge SimHouse provide a realistic training experience that prepares officers to respond effectively to active shooters situations.

Experience Force-on-Force Training:

The marking cartridge rated walls of our RECON SimHouse can be reconfigured easily for force-on-force training, giving your first responders a safe and effective way to practice real life scenarios.


Fabricated architectural structure
Multiple configuration options operated by one instructor station.
Separate projected surfaces (combined in one room or spread into separate rooms)
Mobile and reconfigurable

Customizable Training Cycles to Meet Specific Training Needs

Scenario projection on walls for realistic training experience
Changing the configuration is easy with snap-on connectors
Interactive environment for trainees to move through and engage with
Operated by a single instructor for streamlined training
Modular design allows for flexibility and versatility in training scenarios
Realistic shoot house training environment

How it works

Immersive Training in 3 Steps:

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We’ll provide you with a quote with the details on the cost of hardware, software, and any custom content development required.
3. Train Smarter

You’ll be able to learn and practice in a safe, realistic environment that prepares you for any situation.


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