Law enforcement, military, and security sector professionals strive to stay ahead of emerging threats. However, traditional training methods may not fully equip them for real-world situations, jeopardizing everything that they stand to protect. No professional should settle for outdated training methods. 

With our 17 years of experience at Ti Training, we understand your need for advanced training solutions. Our commitment shows in our unique technology and immersive training experiences, particularly our RECON 300 system. We provide unique and realistic scenarios, so you’re always one step ahead in the field. Use our plans to upgrade your team’s skills!

Embracing the Future of Training With Our Simulation Systems

Over time, we’ve moved from traditional methods to dynamic simulation training, offering a more interactive and realistic experience. Thanks to our systems, officers can now train in high-stress immersive situations without the real dangers. The RECON 300 allows them to:

  • Practice with various weapons and techniques to enhance muscle memory
  • Focus on practical and decision-making skills 
  • Utilize real-life scenarios for training
  • Develop improved situational awareness and emotional control skills

Unleashing Your Team’s Potential with RECON™ 300

Our RECON 300 Dynamic Simulation System is designed to elevate your skills and preparedness to unprecedented levels. The features include:

Enhanced Realism

Immerse yourself in life-like scenarios for a comprehensive training experience. The system boasts five adaptable screens for an all-encompassing environment that requires movement and awareness.

Unlimited Scenarios

You can prepare for any scenario thanks to your vast library. From the use of force and surveillance scenarios to hostage crises, there’s a world of possibilities. And if you have specific requirements you want your officers to fulfill, you can try our custom scenario development. Our in-house production team will create unique simulations to help you tackle various challenges.

Easy Operation

Our training simulator is advanced, but that doesn’t mean you need to be. Our user-friendly system makes the training process easy for any agency. That way, trainers and students alike can focus on the training rather than the logistics of setting up and running the simulation.

Transform Your Training Experience With Ti Training Simulation Systems

If you settle for outdated training methods, your team may find themselves unprepared for real-world situations. It’s time to change the training narrative with our simulation technology – here’s how:

  1. Reach out to us to discuss your specific training needs.
  2. Allow us to customize a dynamic simulation training using only the RECON 300 system or pairing it with the RECON Core.
  3. Dive into your training and watch your skills and preparedness reach new heights.

Choosing Ti Training and our dynamic simulation systems ensures a comprehensive, realistic training experience. Are you ready to witness enhanced skills, boosted confidence, and a readiness to tackle any situation? Contact us!



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