Nothing is more important than protecting and serving your community. That’s why keeping your team updated on the best ways to defend those around them is necessary. However, if you only rely on outdated training methods, your staff are likely not prepared for the real-world scenarios they are sure to encounter.

It’s time to reevaluate how to enhance your team’s skills and responses. Ti Training can help! With our proven track record of delivering high-quality products and reliable support, we’re revolutionizing training approaches with our advanced simulation training solutions. We understand that you need your team to be prepared for any situation- let us ensure they are!

Excellence in Simulated Training

Ti Training is renowned for our commitment to delivering top-notch products, dependable support, and exceptional firearms simulation training experiences. Professionals in law enforcement, the military, and various other industries trust us to equip their teams with the skills they need to excel.

Our range of cutting-edge simulators includes:


This design features a single screen, making setup straightforward and space-efficient. You can upgrade it to multi-screen configurations, allowing you to expand as your requirements evolve.


This adaptable simulator can represent any scenario. The RECON™ 180, with its rotatable outer screens, delivers precise perspectives for an immersive experience.


This simulator provides an all-encompassing use of force training environment for enhanced situational awareness. Integrating numerous independent Smart Screens allows officers to engage with reporting parties and deal with moving scenarios.

RECON Simhouse

This setup is the most flexible simulation system in the market for use of force training. You can choose from 2 to 24 screens to create your ideal space to prepare for any situation.


This simulator allows you to experience superior lighting and definition at any range for enhanced firearms simulation training. Your officers can use this tool to sharpen their skills, improve their response time, and enhance their confidence before stepping into the field. 

Transform Challenges into Opportunities with Ti Training

No one wants their team to face risky situations underprepared. After all, you commit to protecting your community, so you shouldn’t settle when it comes to training. You can empower your staff with Ti Training’s innovative solutions, ensuring they’re always ready to face any situation confidently.

Here’s how:

  1. Evaluate your current training processes and identify areas of improvement.
  2. Implement our simulation training, customized to meet your specific needs.
  3. Continually assess progress to ensure optimal safety.

With Ti Training, you’re not just investing in another training device; you’re investing in your team’s success. We can help your team grow, thrive, and excel in their roles, equipping them to handle any challenge that comes their way. Upgrade your training methods today!



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