Ti Training’s Simulator Showcase: An Overview of Industry-Leading Simulation

If you’re in charge of a modern law enforcement agency, your priority is to provide your officers with the best training solutions. You require something comprehensive and immersive to ensure they’re ready for anything they might face. However,  finding the right technology that accurately replicates real-life scenarios can often feel daunting. 

But today, you get the modern tools your trainees deserve. We understand your concerns at Ti Training and are committed to offering top-tier simulation systems. Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of agencies upgrade their training curriculum- let us do the same for you!

A Wide Catalog Tailored to Your Needs

Ti Training takes pride in offering a wide range of simulation systems tailored to meet the diverse needs of law enforcement training. Let’s take a closer look at each model:


Our adaptable three-screen environment is designed to represent any scenario with precision. With the ability to rotate the outer screens, RECON™ 180 enhances training outcomes and helps officers make more informed decisions.


Equipped with five screens, the RECON 300 Simulator provides advanced drills, realistic movements, and complex mission simulations. This system ensures law enforcement officers stay updated on crucial skills such as:

  • Use of force
  • Surveillance techniques
  • Hostage crisis management.

RECON SimHouse

The multi-room simulation experience offered by RECON SimHouse prepares officers for unpredictable situations. With reconfigurable walls and real-time interaction, officers gain increased confidence and improved decision-making abilities.


RECON Core allows trainees to practice with authentic or replica firearms and less lethal devices. With over 900 multi-branching training scenarios, this simulator offers unlimited legal and policy training replication.


Compatible with RECON Core, 180, and 300, the RECON LED can be transformed from a flat surface to a 180-degree immersive environment. Its precision-engineered panels guarantee stunning visual quality, even at close range.

Upgrade Your Curriculum with Ti’s Simulation Systems

Don’t risk your officers being ill-prepared for their challenges in the line of duty. Instead, experience the peace of mind of training them in realistic, controlled environments. Ready to upgrade your training program? Here’s how:

  1. Explore our wide range of simulation systems.
  2. Identify the models that best meet your agency’s training needs.
  3. Reach out to our team for personalized assistance and support.

With Ti Training, you can ensure your officers have the skills and confidence they need to succeed in any scenario. Let us be your partner in providing top-tier law enforcement training solutions.

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